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Journal of Circular Economy

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The Journal of Circular Economy is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to provide practical advice to businesses, policymakers, and civil society on accelerating the transition towards a more circular economy.

This journal is a collective effort by leading circular economy scholars and practitioners around the world who are excited about furthering the discourse on the concept of circular economy. All our articles are open access and oriented towards practical application. We pay our editors and reviewers, and we aim to offer peer-review that is fast and constructive.

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The Journal of Circular Economy publishes circular economy research which provides practical advice for businesses, policymakers, and civil society to accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy.


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Eco-Design and Battery Regulation: Strategies for Sustainable Lifecycle Management

Mattia Gianvincenzi, Marco Marconi, Enrico M. Mosconi, Francesco Tola, Mariarita Tarantino

Addressing EU Battery Regulation 2023/1542, this study proposes an eco-design framework for sustainable lifecycle management, promoting circularity and reducing pollution.

First published: 15 July 2024
  • Research paper
  • Open access

Existing and Upcoming Challenges for Extending Electric Vehicle Battery Lifetime Through 2nd Life Applications

Fride Vullum-Bruer, Olav Galteland, Margaux Gouis, Nina McDougall, Anna Tenhunen- Lunkka

Climate-neutrality targets boost battery demand. This article highlights untapped potential in 2nd life of electric vehicles battery in EU, Norway and Finland.

First published: 05 July 2024

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